Madhur Jaffrey - Climbing The Mango Trees

Hmm, i can be pretty unkind about food memoirs, so many are written with so little to tell that i have been rather put off. Until now.

Madhur Jaffrey if you don't know her is from Delhi in India, she has a long history of cookbook publishing and in 1982 she did an iconic cookery show for the BBC called Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery. Introducing the western world to accessible indian food.

This book doesn't talk about any of that, it is not an ego filled rant about her culinary rise to fame, but instead it details her childhood years in India. The tastes and smells that influenced and completed her world. This is an interesting story to me at least, because her world growing up differs so greatly from mine. She lived through an important time of change in India. This is not just noted by the political changes, India gaining independence, Ghandi's salt marches, and subsequent death. But also looks at the historical changes of Indian food bought on by these changes as people from different regions left and repopulated her beloved city of Delhi.

Her writing is honest and amusing, this book definately stimulated me to want to cook new things and seek out, new and better ingredients.

What more do you want from a food memoir?

My mum bought me this book from Cook The Books, Mount Eden, Auckland, see link in sidebar.


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    Bravo and go on :-)


  2. Thanks for your comments, and it's good to see NZ kai being blogged. Go see my hangover food. (not that you'd need it any more but it's good for flu too)


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