Quick! Feijoa Season

Feijoa Season only lasts from now till May, so it is truely time to eat them fresh. The feijoa is otherwise known as the pineapple guava. It originates from South America and is named after a Brazilian, "Feijoa di Silva".

If you have a glut of feijoas they freeze really well. Either scoop out the flesh and freeze in small amounts to add later to smoothies, cocktails and baking, or first peel then poached in watered down orange juice, sugar and a bit of booze, if that is your kind of thing.

There is always the jellies, jams and chutneys, but most of the recipes i have found produce pretty crap results. I will post any decent ones. But so far, i feel like i am just wasting a whole lot of decent fruit.

I think they would be pretty good in a salsa with chicken or fish. Like, fejoa, tomato concasse, spring onion, lime juice and a good olive oil. I haven't tried this yet, will let you know. The bitterness of the skin interests me most culinary wise at the moment. Some experiments to follow.

Feijoa's contain vitamin c and iodine, so good for the thyroid, but knowing the state of nutritional information at the moment, you probably have to eat ten kilos of unripe fruit to achieve and health giving effects, if you know the answer, comments welcome.

Not that i need a health related push to eat these little delicacies. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Feijoas are the best! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...


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