quick choc truffles

1 cup cream
2 cup choc (top quality)
100g butter
2 tbls mascapone

melt butter and choc together
add cream
mix through mascapone
pour into a dish so that it is about 2 cm thick

Roll into balls - very messy, use a melon baller if you have one
Roll in cocoa


NZ Rigging Director has a very happy NZ Food Birthday

  • Suprise! Bart Thompson and his wife Kim returned home from a massage to a house cleared of toys and daily living. The house instead filled with candlelight, Spanish music and the laughter of his friends. Little did he know that behind the scenes of the last month, Kim had been squirreling away decorations and furtively emailing me, to arrange a tapas party just for him.

    Thanks to my wonderful friend Briar, who handled all the floral decs, aesthetics, floor service, and running around on the night.
    cardamom and orange marinated olives
    spiced nuts
    ciabatta crostini w taramasalata and hummus

    lamb kofta w minted yoghurt
    panfried scallops w cumin salsa
    pistachio & rose petal salad w pomegranite and walnut dressing.
    smoked paprika prawns
    pork belly fingers w roasted capsicum and apricot chutney
    polenta & roasted vegetable stacks

    orange blossom & mascarpone stuffed dates
    choc truffles

    A guest arrived with a noteworthy cheese platter. The platter included a huge hunk of the imported Spanish cheese Manchego and a pottle of Membrillo. Made from ewe’s milk, Manchego is a hard, pale cheese with a particular tang. It was great to be able to serve this with its complimentary Membrillo or quince paste. Sarah, I like your style, thanks.
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