Wine Barrel Smoked Mushrooms by Aromatics

When given a gift from a Hawkes Bay market. I approached it with trepidation. I hate being disappointed and therefore these lovely morsels of antagonising flavour have languished unopened for far too long. What a mistake!

The packaging says these mushrooms are "made with zealous passion by chef Noel Crawford". Well, they must be. I can taste every inch of love. I tore open the packet to release a deep smokey flavour that made my mouth water.

These mushrooms truly do smell as though smoked with burning wood from a wine barrel and a bit of native t-tree. How lush!

These mushrooms are tender, full of flavour, not over oily and a real treat.

I ate most of them standing at my kitchen bench with weak knees. What was left I have added to a simple parmesan, tomato and pinenut pizza. I would love to add these to a cheese board, simple pasta, antipastos or on a slice of crisp potato.

These mushrooms are too delicious to share.
Aromatics say they are "committed to the constant research and refinement of fiendish ways to enhance your gastronomic experience".

It's a bit of a mouthful as a slogan, but it does explain the results. I can not wait to try more of Noel Crawford’s food!