found: 11 April 2010

Welcome to the first short-article of "Found". Over the week I have travelled the web discovering lovely sites, some filled with stylish inspiration, others are established favorites of mine- used again and again, and others new finds, filled with excellent wellness or whole-food information. "Found" is my weekly Sunday round-up of who I would like to introduce you to in this wholeness global town.

My Yoga Online (wellness)

I personally use this site. Because I have slowish internet I tend to buy the downloads both yoga and meditations. This might sound a little crazy but I have found that for the price of about 2 Auckland yoga classes I can own a great class that I can do as many times as I like, anywhere. If I download to my laptop it means I can get a yoga class in even if I am stuck in a hotel room or away at the beach. Of course this will never beat the personal service of attending a class, however any yoga is better than no yoga in my book.

Oliver's Real Food (goodfood/wholefood)

Many of you will know that I have just returned from a week in Australia. I stayed with the founders of this amazing fast real food store (yes I am the converted). With a genuine desire to provide a better option to travelers. Oliver's delivers additive and preservative free food that is packed with flavour. Check it out next time your traveling in AU. I might be a little biased but I am 100% sure you will agree.

Decor8 (inspire)

This is a very pretty design blog that is bound to inspire anyone with home. Filled with pretty ideas and good information on colour mixing, this well maintained blog is well worth a look. The host of the blog Holly Becker is a design consultant who is now such an acclaimed blogger she has recently been interviewed about this blogs huge circulation (over 80 000 subscribers) on problogger (see her blog to hear the interview).

I have left the option to post your own links open so that you can share your favorite links with the community. If you would particularly like me to look at a specific sight feel free to contact me through the message service or on