found: 18 April 2010

Welcome to the second issue of Found. This week I have not spent anywhere near as much time traveling the web.  I have been absorbed in reading Patrick Holford's Optimum Nutrition Bible, this has been causing many gasps and moments of astonishment - better than a crime novel! I finally took the time to check out the you tube channel of a friend of mine (admittedly initially at his house), but the work is so beautiful - I keep taking guests hostage and playing clips for them, so to break the habit I share the address with you.  Then I capped the week off with a day of learning more about whole-foods with the Koanga Gardens class on Nutrient Dense Food incluing Weston A. Price's practices of fermentation.
Therefore, this week the global world of wellness, whole-food and inspiration is a pleasure to share with you.

Patrick Holford's New Optimum Nutrition Bible. (wellness)

I have been so inspired by this man I have added him to my "Health Heroes" list on Twitter! This book is amazing, it explains the intricacies of health, eating and living well in a way that is easy to understand, but certainly not dumbed down.  There is no skimping on research paper references, pictures, diagrams and analogies. If you have a body that you want to run at the OPTIMUM - feel brilliant and bursting, then this is a great book.  It may make strange bedtime reading to anyone else, but Patrick Holford has a secure place on my bedside table.

You Tube Channel: mozely1 (inspirational)

This is 5 short clips, kids on skateboards, a guy with a camera, a great song or two.  Simple, serene and stylish, produced solely for pleasure and inspiration.  I watched this clip with an 8 year old friend of mine who was propped up at my kitchen bench this week.  We both felt compelled to watch the lot. Enjoy..

Koanga Gardens Nutrient Dense Food Workshop (whole-food)

I have to admit I need to do some reading on Weston A Price.  I can share with you that he was a dents from Ohio who in the 1930's began the research into the cultural and community differences in diet.  He specialized in communities that had been untouched by civilization and many of his theories are very influential in healthy eating practices now.   His book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" is a record of his study, although I can not personally recommend the book at this stage I can recommend the day course that I attended at Koanga.  The following link will take you to their course information page (they are located just North of Auckland in Kaiwaka).

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