found 02 May 2010

It has been a stupidly busy fortnight that has seen me down and back from Wellington for the telly, cooking in various houses with photographers (some new to me), new stylists and assistants and a rollicking from a shop assistant.  Life while invigorating can be a little depleting. All in all it has meant for a very quiet weekend of replenishing, hearty food, calm stretches, yogi tea and bit of Nigel Slater on the telly.  Because of all this busy-ness here are a few things that I have "found"help me to relax including a lovely spiritual book by the Medical, Ayuvedic and spiritual guru Deepak Chopra.

Deepak Chopra:

The two most vital things that I have learned this year have been from Deepak Chopras book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success".  It seems crazy to paraphrase (but I will anyway)  The first thing I learned was to "keep stepping into the unknown".  The second was to take time to experience silence on a regular bases, experiencing silence: no tv, internet, book reading, talking on the phone, listening to music, writing etc, has allowed me to find the quiet needed to lead me back into regular meditation.  It is a simple form of meditation available to anyone and a great way to rest your brain. I also follow Deepak Chopra on Twitter and find the regular messages inspirational throughout my working day.

Yogi Products:

I love these tea's. To the point that I have been holding on to the empty boxes, this is until I found their website.  Each box has a calming yoga pose relevant to the tea, my current favorite is "Moroccan Orange Spice" (Uplift) and the restorative pose "Yoga for Contentment".  To find the perfect calming pose (and tea), click through to the website and enjoy the poses.  These teas are available in a few local wholefood stores, for Auckland I can say for sure that they are at Harvest Wholefoods in Grey Lynn and on the Shore you can find them at IE Produce.

Nigel Slater:

Whole-food, Real-food, Wellness without even knowing it. Nigel Slater cooks simple delicious food.  He is especially a brilliant writer and is my unwitting inspiration. I find his food soothingly real, his style naturally calming.  I know that us foodies should have glamorous, loud, trumpeting heros but this mans quiet meditative way comes though in his stunning food.  Even the website is beautiful and his book "Tender:v.1:A Cook and His Vegetable Patch" is enough to make a health conscious flavor loving cooks weep.

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