found: 09 May 2010

This weeks "found" is somewhat of a travelers edition as I am currently working in Australia. It seems at the moment that babies and their restrictions on established lives (or not) is an Autumnal (or perhaps just 30 something) topic of conversation. For those of you in trepidation of parenthood this weeks inspirational site is all about a couple who believe babies don't hold you back.  As usual this week is more alternatives, favorites and inspiration.

Communities for foodies abound around the world, this site is especially for New Zealand food and wine lovers. I enjoy this particular site because of its collection of well written food blogs.  The blog by Leanne Kitchen "The Smart Mouth" is a favorite of mine.  Leanne is one of those inspiring food writers who is also a photographer. She is best known for her books "The Dairy" "The Butcher", "The Baker" etc.

To encourage me further in my hippy-homemaker-ways a very good friend of mine gave me a little book called "Domestic Goddess on a Budget".  I instantly flicked onto the website and had a surf about, the site has a few lovely recipes for homemade cosmetic and cleaning products that are a bit of a sneak preview of the book and products for sale.  I particularly like the recipe for Rosemary or Lavender Hair Rinse.  The link will take you directly to the shop on the site, filled with great products non commercial cleaning products like Wendyl's Lavender Laundry Powder or blueing powder for refreshing your whites (a great favorite with us messy chefs).  All the recipes for Wendyl's products are available if you feel like making them up yourself. 

On a flight last week from Auckland to Wellington I met an inspiring couple who were on the last 40 minutes of a 30 hour journey back from South America. Traveling with their 16 month old gloriously happy baby Emelia (featured with her latest bunch of Peruvian friends), Bec and David are so convinced that babies are part of your family and traveling doesn't have to be removed from your early childhood plans, that they have started the website:    Although it may not convince everyone to take their baby to Brazilian carnival, it certainly inspired this 30 something to be a little less afraid of the oft mention new mother shut down.  For practical tips on living a little with your young ones visit

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  1. Greetings from the couple mad enough to take their little girl travelling! ... hopefully people get some inspiration from our stories to do something similar.

    Love your site ... great natural food is something else we love, and you have some fantastic things here.

    :-) David, Bec and Emelia

  2. Anonymous5:40 pm

    awesome - so excited about backpacker baby!


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