found: 16 May 2010

It seems to be that time of year when people are either coming down with something or just plain looney-tunes (present company excluded). Therefore with little rhyme or reason this weeks "found" is dedicated to online versions of stuff that normally comes in different forms; the magazine, the movie and inspiring lectures. This weeks found keeps you up to date if you need a quiet night in to recover your health (mental or otherwise).

Online Magazine: sweet paul

I love a glossy foreign mag, but for a long time I have struggled to make this sort of luxury buying a priority. Especially as out of guilt the magazines end up condemned to the backshelf for reference or gifted to the nearest Dr's surgery (yes its me that cut that recipe out).  Online magazines are the perfect solution for those of us who live life in little spaces,  like to keep their footprint light or just plain feel like reading a mag at work without the boss watching!  sweet paul is as it says, a sweet retreat with delicious recipes and pretty pictures.

Online Movies: Food Matters
Viewing movies online is a great way to see stuff that you missed or films that haven't managed to fight it out with the blockbusters to our limited NZ screens.  If you care about what you put in your body and are interested at all in health the documentary Food Matters is a must.  A view by our Prime Minister and Health Minister in New Zealand would be 80 minutes well spent (forward this link if you have the right address)!  Copies of this movie can be bought as a more conventional DVD at many health-food stores.  My copy came from Harvest Wholefoods in Grey Lynn, Auckland (they also have an online store).

Online Inspiring Lectures:
Amazing people sharing their stories, from the most talented molecular scientist to the neural specialist who survived a massive stroke and re-wrote the way we deal with neural damage in hospitals. If the key to growth is learning, pain, more learning, is a reassuring reminder that perseverance pays off, that the world holds people who care, who have brains, opinions, stamina and a willingness to share.  I love this site, it cheers me up, makes me feel inspired.  REVS me uP when I need it and soothes me when I'm sick.  Seriously, check it out.  Screw chicken soup, this is like you tube for the soul!

The link will take you to Viktor Frankl speaking on why we should believe in others.  If you haven't read his small but momentous book "Mans Search for Meaning" click on the link below to buy online.

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