Winning Email

Thanks to Alexandra Speedy for her lovely email entry to the competition telling us what she thinks about food!

Here is Alex's winning email:
I totally agree with your comments on shop local and eat well.
Coming from a farming county in Ireland this lifestyle resonates strongly with me and I have many a fond memory of picking rhubarb and apples in the garden for my Mum to whip up a crumble!
Another great outlet you might be interested in is the Grey Lynn Farmers Market who I worked with on marketing project last year which was based on the concept of cutting down food miles and eating fresh ingredients seasonally and locally. They have very passionate values and run a great market!
Another cool concept I found out about along way was this site called Ooooby which is like facebook but only for people into homegrown and local food. At you can connect with food growers and 'locavores' (people who like to eat local food) from all over the world.
Great to see so many passionate people creating these outlets and making fresh local produce so readily available – even for city folk like myself! cheers Alex.