The Spice of Life

Spices need extra loving care.  In centuries past they have been sought around the globe. Nations once went to massive lengths to control the sale and passage of spices, they were the jewel in the crown of a waring empires portfolio.  Today although they still reach us from far flung places, their little boxes, bags and clear glass or plastic bottles no longer reflect or honour their dangerous history.

Light and air are thieves, they steal the flavour from spices.

 As part of my Spring clean I decided it was time to treat my spice collection to the love and care I know it deserves.  Dark amber bottles now protect them from light, firm screw top caps prevent air from robbing them of flavour and clear labels mean I can grab just what I need in a hurry.  These little  bottles came from Delivered to my door with minimum fuss. The labels are chefs-standard (masking tape and marker pen). 

Now I can journey through the history and global throw of spices at a glance, ideas spring to mind as I cast an eye over my collection that lines the darkest wall of my kitchen. It sure beats rifling through a draw in frustration and stops me from buying things twice when I do my ordering.

You may not be as nutty about spices as me however, but my two bits worth of advice (as a bare minimum) are; buy spices in small amounts and store in airtight containers in a dark place.  A fridge or freezer is excellent and probably a lot less trouble.


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  1. Hi Laura - that's a great little read!
    Just so suitable timing - this weather makes us all feel all spiced-up!
    ps: Didn't know we can have spices stored in the fridge. Thanks!


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