fat chook and skinny chook

fat chook and skinny chook
Our girls are not great layers, they are pretty noisy and if you open the gate to hang the washing they make a crazed dash for the utopia of the vegie garden, weaving like soldiers going over the top. 
Naming has clearly been a problem, initially the idea was to name them after our mothers, Miranda and Marlene, but we couldn't land on which one was which, after a time, they have simply become fat chook and skinny chook.  Between them they harbour the secret of which one lays productively as we only get one egg per day. Perhaps they share this load? 
However they provide us with enough eggs for our two person household (and the occasional half dozen gift box).  The dirtied straw in their hen house makes an excellent addition to our three compost bins and there is something soothing about nature doing its thing in your backyard and even allowing you the odd pat when you hang out the washing.  We have been blessed with a lovely landlord who cut a little hole in our fence to allow the girls access to his compost, we have very happy hens and their happiness is a delight.

If you are thinking about getting chickens check your local council website as the rules vary slightly and they can be a little noisy.  Remember a chicken isn't for Christmas, if  you are going away you will need to make arrangements for them or take them with you - ours are planning on packing for a Summer in the Bay of Islands.  A good book might help smooth out any problems, like wing clipping (we clip the tip of the right wing only as disclosed in George   Orwells Diaries).

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