New Potatoes

One or two of my new potato plants are starting to die off out of concern we dug a few up - only to discover that, hurray, they are ready.  One little bag perfect for supper with organic butter and some homegrown dill are all ready for our dinner tonight.  I've used little Natural Waxed Paper Bags by "Natural Value" to store them (with their dirt on) in portion sized packs, although this first bunch wont be lasting long.

When the potatoes are all dug up, it'll be time to re-fill this bed with something else.  The potatoes have helped to make a nice friable soil.  The weekends fishing has not only given us a lovely meal, but all the heads, guts bones and skin of the fish are saved to be planted in this bed when the potatoes have been harvested.  I have been growing corn on in old takeaway coffee cups and these are nearly ready to go in.

Hurrah, the easy, tasty, bounty xx

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