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 Preparing the bed for Sweetcorn...

Homegrown sweetcorn has a sweetness that shames store-bought cobs.  Each kernel has caught the summer sun and delivers it directly without pause, to be picked,  trucked, stored, packed and finally bought.  A pot boiling on the stove before harvesting and a big knob of butter makes for the best first course.  It's memorable, delicious, divine even.  However, long before that happens, I have to plant the corn, and now is the time.

An afternoon fishing left us with some fish frames, so the first thing we did (after ripping up the flowers that were in our sunniest spot) was dug these deep into the soil and covered them over.  Then a little compost and manure to sweeten the plot.   You don't have to have the fish frames, but we don't like to waste anything and they will add great nutrients to the soil.  See my fiance Jonathan's knobbly knees on the right.

Finally because we love sweetcorn and would like it to be ready in stages, we planted 12 organic seedlings and at the same time we planted a whole heap of a heritage variety seeds directly into the gaps.  This will ensure a succession of sweetcorn.  The other major tip with sweetcorn is to plant it in blocks rather than rows, this is because it is wind pollinated and you want the funny straggly flower heads to knock around together in the wind for a successful crop.


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