Kiwis and Recreational Fishing

Relevant recreational quota info:

Cockles: 50 per person per day
Mussels: 25 per person per day

For more information go to:

Some facts about us and fishing according to the Colmar Brunton Survey from 2007:

    * Nearly all (88%) New Zealanders eat fish at least once a month
    * Almost half of us (45%) eat fish at least once a week
    * Only one quarter of all New Zealanders fished recreationally more than once in the past 12 months
    * 25% have never fished recreationally in New Zealand
    * 6 out of 10 recreational fishers report that they are satisfied with their catch
    * 65% of New Zealanders think that both recreational and commercial fishers should be required to catch less if there is not enough fish to meet demand
    * More than half (56%) of the recreational fishers agree
    * 85% of New Zealanders think that up to 10 fish per recreational fisher is a reasonable daily allowance and 85% of recreational fishers agree (the current limit is 20 for most finfish)
    * 64% of New Zealanders think that it is reasonable to require recreational fishers to record their catch and more than half (55%) of the recreational fishers agree.

Also a link to buy Al Browns amazingly fantastic book on amazon (its packed full of information and in my opinion the best NZ seafood book on the market):  Go Fish: Recipes and Stories from the New Zealand Coast

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