Busy in the Kitchen & Garden

It has been such a busy month, that I haven't posted anything here at all.   I am very excited to have joined the team at Escape for the Sunday Star Times as their new food columnist.

This month I have also created and shot 3 features for New Worlds Real Magazine.

Prepared and tested my 3 recipes for this Fridays Good Morning Show on TVNZ.  I am very excited this month as photographer Devin Hart has created beautiful images for these recipes which I will also showcase on my blog.

I received the first copy of my new book Now is the season (in stores in October) published by New Holland Publishers. I have been excitedly flipping through it and cooking from it for friends.

I also now have a blog on Foodies.co.nz for people to enjoy, a fantastic New Zealand food site, I am yet to write anything interesting there yet either but next week looks a little quiter (if you discount my birthday and two full days shooting food- ok maybe next week isn't any better).

On the home front we are still settling into our funny little house, we have nearly finished fixing up the kitchen (very cheaply, thank goodness our 1970's oven is fantastic and didn't need replacing). Just to punish ourselves, my husband and i put in a full vegetable garden and it is growing away nicely. Even if the muscles in my arms are still burning from shifting two cubic metres of Living Earth organic garden mix in the weekend.

I have  a few other exciting projects in the wings that I look forward to sharing with everyone soon.

On Friday evening when I get home from Wellington I will post the recipes with Devins images- they are rather delicious, if I do say so myself.

Until then, take care


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