The Gloves are Off on Intolerances...

As a chef I didn't  believe in food intolerances.  I thought that most "gluten free" people needed to get tested and were probably just faking it.  I was pretty sure that lactose intolerance in the Caucasian population was a myth, although I swore Soy milk was better for my skin....When a friends wife got "bovine allergy", I giggled behind my hand. 

Although I reckon its a great idea to eat a variety of food and not a mono diet I basically thought "What rot!". 

However I am now eating my hat... Since the bodily trauma of childbearing, birth and finally a caesarian my guts have hit the skids. 
So taking my own advice to heart, with a shamed face, I stomped off to the naturopath to get tested.  Suspecting a dairy intolerance I switched to oat milk, switched my new daughters supplementary formula (I didn't have enough milk because I was suddenly allergic to everything and she started losing weight) to goats milk.   We awaited the results.  To my husbands amusement it came back that I am allergic to not Dairy but Soy and yes, intolerant to gluten, pork, hazelnuts, and the deadly nightshade family; potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines et al, oh and caffeine.

It seems that no matter how much I try to ignore these new dietary guidelines my body will not comply.  A sniff of praline or a hint of bacon and I'm groaning and clutching my belly for a good 48 hours.  Last nights soy sauce chicken a cause for complaint. As a food writer I despair at having lost so much food from my pantry of ingredients.  I believe that the overload can be cleared with a good rest..  Fingers firmly crossed that a short stint of abstinence will reset these intolerable intolerance's.  But when it all boils down a life without toast, tofu, soy lattes and blts ain't so bad.

I'd love to hear about your intolerable intolerances, let me know what you've discovered in the comments....


  1. Anonymous11:11 am

    Yep, I was a cynic too, but then got smashed with a gluten allergy.... Have you tried "little bird" products? Buckwheats awesome to cos doesnt need cooking.

  2. Hey, yes I had lunch at their New North Road shop a week or so ago, very groovy. Thanks for tip! Been experimenting with a few new grains so a good thing for my repertoire in the long run.... Cheers L.

  3. Oh Laura, your words mirror my (old) thoughts and experiences to a T. I too was one of those chefs who laughed in the corner when a gluten-free asked questions about our food. And just like you, bam. Had kids and my body said no to gluten + dairy... and on top of that I am also vegetarian and when I was breastfeeding had to avoid all those lovely 'windy' foods to ease my babies constant cries and sore tummy. I lived of rice and quinoa for nearly 2 years! 5 years on I love our new way of eating and I really don't miss anything of our old diet. I haven't worked since having kids, but I now know that if/when I was to go back to cooking I would be a much more understanding chef because of all of this! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about eating this way, or if you just need to vent to someone that understands. All the best xx Emm

    1. Thanks for your comment, wow it's crazy isn't it - yes, may take you up on that need to vent offer!! I must say I love using all the wacky grains again, but sometimes I just end up on juice for a day if I'm out cos its all too hard. xox

    2. I remember those days, trust me when I say it does get easier! I wouldn't go back to eating how I used to even if I could xx


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